What are missional communities?

A group of lively students who will support, encourage and walk with you through college life, aspiring to follow Jesus and learn more about the Kingdom of God. 

Each Missional Community consists of leaders from our student leadership team who initiate discussion and fellowship every week. We worship, pray, eat together and form a supportive group who desire to keep pursing each other in college in a God-honoring manner and serving our campus.



Leaders: Irmina, Will, Matt
Location: 2207 Baseline, Apt 1
Contact: Will 720 238 1416Encounter



Leaders: Madi, Aaron, Dustin
Location: 2207 Baseline, Apt 1
Contact: Aaron (707) 480-2848


Narwhal Conglomerate

Leaders: Brooke, Ivana, Michael
Location: 2850 E. Aurora, Apt 204
Contact: Brooke 719-439-3835